In 2024, we are proudly celebrating our 10th anniversary. This journey began in 2014, springing from the vision of Martina Friedsmann and Winfried Ziegler. Martina emerged as the pioneering cultural manager dispatched by the German “Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen” (Institute for Foreign Relations). Winfried has been at the helm of the “Democratic Forum of Germans in Transylvania” as its CEO.


Martina’s assignment in Sibiu involved youth engagement, equipped with a flexible budget for project selection. Accustomed to orchestrating significant projects for the younger generation each summer, she, alongside Winfried, conceived the idea of organizing workshops culminating in a concert. They selected the fortified church in Hosman as the venue, a village also known by its German name, Holzmengen, where “Holz” means wood and “Stock” translates to stick in German. The name, a creative brainchild of Winfried, awaited the perfect occasion for its unveiling.

The duo mobilized 30 youngsters from Sibiu to partake in workshops centered on theater, photography, dance, and art. For the evening’s highlight, Winfried leveraged his connections to secure the local band Domino as the festival’s inaugural act. Fortuitously, approximately 100 scouts in the vicinity that evening were invited to enjoy the concert.

This event marked a resounding success, laying the foundation for what would become a frequent festival.

2014: Winfried and Martina making plans for the festival

Please note: Digital color photography was available in Romania in 2014. Images presented have been artistically altered for creative expression.